Never overpay on a holiday, again...

We track real life prices within every service in the travel industry.

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The evolution of bargaining

When traveling to developing countries you may find that transportation, services and rental prices differ greatly and you have to use a lot of time to bargain in order to achieve a fair price. It's pretty annoying being deceived when taking the first cab from the airport to the hotel.

How can we fix that?

We want to make every transaction 100% transparent by showing the minimum, average, maximum and last paid price for a service or a product in all developing countries in the world.

Use HaggleStar and never overpay again

HaggleStar is a mobile first site that collects thousand of prices from real travellers around the world, to make sure you always pays the best possible price for a travel service.

Watch the video

This is how it works and we guarantee your travel life will be better from now on :-)

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It's free!

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Who is HaggleStar?

This is us.



This is the one who makes us look good - literally. Lea has worked as an Art Director in several startups and different projects with great success. She is the visual heart and soul of HaggleStar.



This is mr. AllStar. Michael is the guy with the vision and ideas. He puts the team together and makes sure everyone keeps their eyes on the ball in order to keep growing this startup.

Ask us anything...🤔

Can't find an answer? Don't hesitate to reach out.

Can I book services directly through HaggleStar?

Soon enough. We are spending all of our time and money to build you the first version of HaggleStar. In the future we will add transportation and then later the possibility to rent goods.🚕

Why is your domain weird?

We built this landing page on the free system from Launchaco (pretty awesome system by the way). They had an upgraded version where it was possible to insert our own domain - But Launchaco removed the possibility because they were sold to Namecheap. Good for them - bad for us.🤥

What contries can I check prices in?

We will start with Asia (which is pretty big in itself) and then expand to the rest of the world as soon as possible🚀

How can I be sure the prices are real?

The prices for the travel services we collect are from real people travelling around the world. We found out that people love to help each other by making the travel industry more transparent🙌

Built With Launchaco
Built With Launchaco